Copyright Clearance Center Collaboration Agreement

Does it matter whether the “original” obtained by my organization was obtained by subscription or by a document delivery process that was authorized by copyright? If you already have licensing agreements with selected publishers, a CCC license is still useful. It fills in the gaps in your report and allows colleagues to share content from a much wider range of information sources than you could possibly license individually. You can use the RightFind content feed software™ which offers paid rights to extend the content covered by the license. CCC is the leading provider of document delivery services that allow users to purchase individual items on-site. In addition, companies that do not use RightFind can visit to obtain permission to benefit from additional rights. CCC collaborates with its subsidiary RightsDirect to promote the integration, access and sharing of data and information, while creating the standard for effective copyright solutions that accelerate knowledge and foster innovation. CCC is headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts, with branches in North America, Europe and Asia….