Ff Marriage Agreement Part 6

4. In the event of a partial termination of a pension plan, the rights of the members concerned must not be less than they would have been if the entire plan had been terminated on the same day as the partial termination. (b) when it is a collective agreement with multiple employers, the powers and obligations of the board of directors or another pension plan management body with multiple employers; 2. The Superintendent may terminate all or part of the pension plan of a previous employer if: a) “marriage date,” the date of separation indicated in a court decision or separation agreement is designated as the date of the development or division of the member`s estate; 32. 1. An employer or employer participating in a multi-purpose plan ensures that a member of a pension plan is not eligible for a deferred retirement benefit at the time of marriage, in accordance with Section 43, the portion of the member`s contributions and interest that is credited to the spouse is paid to the member. cash, from the plan to the spouse. (v) “multi-employer pension plan,” a pension plan organized and managed for workers of two or more employers who participate in the plan in accordance with an agreement, status or status, where the plan provides pension benefits based on the periods of employment of one or all participating employers, unless both or all of these employers are companies related to the meaning of the Corporations Act; (z) “participating employer” with respect to a multi-employer pension plan, an employer who must contribute to this plan; (a) this law or part of it does not apply and the legislation or part of the legislation of the other jurisdiction applies to the plan; or (a) employer contributions are suspended or exhausted for all or part of the plan`s affiliation, unless the surplus is used to cover financing needs; (a) contributions made as part of a defined contribution benefit under a defined benefit plan and a portion of the value of the pension benefit that can be attributed to those contributions; and (2) A multilateral agreement or amendment published in the first paragraph is not legislation subordinate to the meaning of the Statutes and Subordinate Legislation Act. 3. When a pension plan is terminated in whole or in part, an employer who must contribute to the pension fund must face an amount equal to employer contributions due to the member or former member or other person entitled under the plan. plan until the termination date.

(b) a pension plan with a defined benefit benefit where the employer`s obligation to contribute to the pension fund is limited to a fixed amount set in a collective agreement. (ii) is married to the member or former member by a marriage that is null and void and has not been annulled by a judgment of annulment, or (4) if a member`s old age pension, to be shared under this Act, includes a pension or consists of a pension that must be paid by an insurance contract prohibiting shuttle work , and if the value of the pension benefit that is the subject of the shuttle is included in the plan if the pension, if credited to the spouse, paid or otherwise provided by other means, was not sufficient to satisfy the spouse`s right to a division under this Act, the pension is a pension insurance class exempt from the application of that party and , if it has been ordered by the court or agreed in writing by the member and spouse. The effective pension is distributed in accordance with the court order or the applicable separation agreement, and the portion of the pension payable to the spouse is subject to the terms of the pension contract.

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