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Speculation is widespread, although not yet confirmed, that Versatile`s agreement includes the recently unveiled Nemesis series (one of which is shown below). Kubota Corporation has entered into an agreement with Buhler Industries (a manufacturer that trades under the Versatile and Farm King brands) for “the production of a new tractor platform.” Buhler Industries Inc. (TSX: BUI) designs, produces and markets agricultural equipment. The products are marketed under the brand names Versatile® and Farm King. Buhler Industries Inc. operates six modern production centres and nine distribution centres with a total area of more than 1.4 million square metres in the United States and Canada. For more information, see www.buhlerindustries.com. “This agreement is exciting for both companies,” said Grant Adolph, Chief Operating Officer of Buhler Industries. “The Versatile brand has a worldwide reputation in agriculture for building high-powered, reliable and well-built tractors. With Kubota Corp.`s expansion of their presence in the agricultural machinery industry, these brandings are in line with their core values. According to Kubota, this new agreement allows them to add tractors in a PS zone larger than its largest 170 hp line currently, in order to accelerate the large activity of tractors in the North American market. The tractors will be marketed in the U.S.

and Canada in the second half of 2019, as kubota continues its strategy of penetrating the North American large tractor market. Asked if Kubota buhler would ever resume, Carrier replied: “No. It is not part of the agreement. We don`t look down at all, not even in part. As part of this long-term agreement, Buhler Industries will make this tractor at the Winnipeg, Man plant. Manufacturing. This expands the range of products that Kubota currently offers as the largest tractor. This will increase total production at the Versatile plant at 1260 Clarence Avenue in Winnipeg, increasing overload and efficiency. Q: Is Kubota pursuing custom OEM agreements in other markets? The tractors at the heart of this agreement are located in the “intermediate and front segment of wheel assistance.” Kubota will expand its tractor offering with larger tractors. The company announced this week a custom OEM agreement with Buhler Industries Inc. While few details of the agreement are public, it is clear that Buhler`s new series of tractors for Kubota in Winnipeg, Manitoba, will be produced in Canada. The new machines are manufactured exclusively for the North American market.

Adolph continues: “The result of this agreement is an increase in production at the Winnipeg plant, which will bring additional stability to the supply chain and employees. Buhler Industries is committed to continuous improvement in quality and efficiency. As part of this long-term “OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer]” agreement, Buhler Industries will manufacture these tractors at its winnipeg, Manitoba, Manitoba, plant. WINNIPEG, Man. – Buhler Industries Inc., a leading manufacturer of machines marketed under the Versatile and Farm King brands, has entered into an agreement with Kubota Corp. for the first OEM .A.

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