Nau Cep Consortium Agreement

A financial support agreement is a contract between a student and the University of Northern Arizona (NAU) that allows the student to obtain financial assistance from NAU (mother institution) to pay and earn hours of credit at the NAU or at another university or university (non-mother). The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) treats agreements on the basis of defined criteria. 2.A student approved for a consortium contract with NAU must provide the OSFA with unofficial transcripts of the non-parental school. Aid for the next few semesters will not be paid until the unofficial copy has been received and evaluated. 2.Consortia agreements are not processed after the payment of a student`s assistance. Send your official transcript for non-parents at the end of each semester of the consortium contract to NAU Admissions. Find out how much your other tuition for an official transcript and the corresponding budget. Approval of a new contract may be delayed until your transcript is received. The consortium`s contract forms must be submitted to the OSFA before the last deadline for the corresponding term expires: more than 800 financial aid students use dual registration each year through a consortium agreement, including the business development programs (CEP) of health students. Mid-DNA students at BSN are not part of a group of CEP students and are expected to complete an NAU as a consortium of parenting schools. A consortium contract is a contract.

If the authorization is approved, you must meet certain conditions. Read carefully all the terms of your current program: In addition to the eligibility conditions below, students who wish to enter into a consortium contract may not have more than 64 transfer credits. The exceptions are: 90/30 interdisciplinary studies, RN/BSN, dental hygiene and other NAU programs that transfer more than 64 credits to NAU studies. There is no transfer limit for students taking non-parent courses at Arizona Western College. 3.The student is required to inform the NAU OFSA and the non-parental school if they withdraw from their classes. 2.Student must be registered in 6 to 11 credits on NAU with a combined registration of 12 credits or more. 4.La taken into account specific circumstances is granted on a case-by-case basis. . The CEP consortium agreement is reserved for students enrolled in the Nursing, Respiratory or Dental Hygiene Competitor Enrollment programs. 1.Non-parent teaching courses must be transferable to NAU and approved by admissions and company orientation.

1.The student must be eligible for financial assistance and either meet NAU Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards or obtain SAP conditional status. . CEP consortium agreements will no longer be accepted at the end of the final deadline. 3.The student is required to present an official transcript of the non-parent school to the office of chancellor. Non-parental school courses are only transferred to the student`s NAU protocol when the official transcript has been received and analyzed. . It`s easy. After the NAU (called “Parent School”) has paid a fee, you use your potential financial refund to pay for courses at your other institution (known as a “non-parental school”).

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