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Moreover, the timeframe for the agreement seems unpractical given the complications on the ground and the possibility that Al Qaeda may resume its activities and the Houthis may attempt to directly target agreement.6 In February 2019, an investigation exclusive led by CNN reported the violation of the US arms agreement with the UAE and Arab Saudiia. According to the report, Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners, including UAE, transferred US-made weapons to fighters associated to extremist and terrorist groups like al Qaeda, Salafi militias, and other extremist factions fighting in Yemen, violating Saudi-led coalition`s agreement with the United States. [481] “It would be very easy to confuse the signing of the Riyadh Agreement with a great step towards peace … there is still a huge way to go.┬áThese provisions resolve the first point of the agreement. These include a national unity government of 24 ministers divided equally between North and South and formed within 30 days of signing; Hadi will nominate the Prime Minister and appoint its members to representatives who are not involved in fighting or propaganda during the events of August 2019. The Prime Minister-designate will then appoint, in agreement, a governor and director of security for the governorate of Aden within 15 days, for Abyan and Dhalea within 30 days and for the other southern provinces within 60. “For ordinary Yemeni civilians, signing an agreement probably doesn`t mean much, there are 24 million Yemenis in need of some kind of humanitarian assistance. , there are still about 10 million near hunger,” says Kendall. On 10 April 2016, after months of negotiations, a ceasefire agreement was reached in Yemen,[568] but peace talks were suspended on 6 August. [569] The agreement and its full or partial implementation are expected to face challenges of a different nature: on 8 October 2019, Yemen concluded an agreement to transfer Aden to Saudi Arabia. [521] These provisions govern the second point of the agreement. Troops who have advanced towards Aden, Abyan and Shabwa since early August 2019 will return to their original positions and take their place within a fortnight of the signing of local security forces. During the same period, military and security forces stationed in the city of Aden will be disarmed and deployed outside the city, under supervision and on the timetables set by the coalition.

All government and STC troops inside Aden governorate will be transferred to camps outside the governorate, in accordance with the guidelines established by the coalition command.