Sars Double Tax Agreements

Double taxation conventions (“DBAs”) are internationally agreed legislation between South Africa and another country. South Africa has dozens of such agreements with different countries and the main objective of a DBA is to ensure that any country subject to the agreement knows what its tax rights are to taxpayers. The agreements between the two tax administrations in two countries are intended to allow administrations to eliminate double taxation. The amended South African tax law is now fully applicable from 1 March 2020. If you have international economic interests, your income may be taxed in South Africa and abroad, resulting in double taxation. A widespread misunderstanding that we see among South African expatriates is that they think they are “automatically tax-exempt” simply because there is a double taxation agreement between the two countries. This is totally untrue, and there are several factors that need to be considered and objectively proven, and you are always required by law to file a tax return and “right” exemption with contract discharge. “Most of Africa is covered by double taxation conventions. However, if one couple lives in South Africa and one spouse works mainly outside the country in Africa and the other works in South Africa, it is very likely that they are both considered SA tax residents,” he explains.

The above navigation area can be used to access the texts of the corresponding agreements. Please note that in South Africa, you work with a passport while meeting the requirements if you are a resident of the South African state. Do I risk paying twice as much tax? In short, you don`t pay double taxes. The objective of the Double Taxation Conventions (DBA) between two countries is to eliminate double taxation. This is good news because it ensures that South Africans who earn more than R1.25 million abroad still pay only the additional tax than the South African Revenue Service (SARS). In other words, if you pay taxes abroad, this tax can be deducted from the South African tax due on your earnings abroad.

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