Scad Articulation Agreement

The agreement offers students who have completed two of the Florida School of the Arts` fine arts programs an easier transition to college. Students who earn a science degree in new media photography can move on to the SCAD Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, while students who earn an AS degree in Fine Arts/Studio Arts can move on to the SCAD Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. “We (SCAD) have a very limited number of articulation transfer agreements signed, as it is rare that we find institutions with curricula that match our order and prepare students for the success of SCAD.” Kennedy said so. “In recent years, HCC has had a number of students come to SCAD, and they`ve been able to transfer a lot more credits than the average transfer student, and they`ve done very well.” The dean of the Florida School of the Arts, Alain Hentschel, said that while students must continue to apply and meet the academic requirements of the SCAD, the agreement eliminates evaluation from the course portfolio. “It makes the process of transmission and training a little less stressful,” Hentschel said, adding that the articulation agreement is the first in a series of people to attend university. Additional agreements are also under consideration with Flagler College and Marshall University. .