A proper workbench for a middle-aged geek dad (finally)

Much to my father’s chagrin, I was never good with mechanical things. I was good with computers. That was it. Well, whether is was age, maturity, parenthood or a combination of all of those things and maybe some pure luck, other the years my mechanical skills have evolved out of necessity, but my ability to work anywhere efficiently had not. As I did more and more home improvement repairs and projects, I always found myself making some sort of spur-of-the-moment work area, where I would waste way too much time looking for tools or parts that I just had in my hand a minute ago but somehow lost now that I needed it again. So enough was enough. And it was time to visit amazon to help rescue me from this dilemma. Enter 2×4 Basics. This cool little project lets you build an amazing workbench that can be built to exact dimensions you want that is also super sturdy at the same time. I had looked at “pre-fab” workbenches, but they were either the wrong size, too expensive, or too flimsy. Once 2×4 basics kitĀ arrived from amazon. I went to Lowe’s, got a bunch of plywood cut to the sizes I needed, along with some 2×4’s and in a little under an hour I had this fantastic new workbench!

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