Um dos melhores cassinos do Brasil, o Moverbet oferece uma enorme coleção de jogos.

My custom wall mount for the PSVR processing unit.

Hurray for 3D printers! I am extremely pleased with my decision to purchase a Mod-T 3D Printer. I had been looking at 3D printers for a while, but they all seemed to have very mixed reviews. I read about frequent problems requiring diagnostics and repairs. So when the Mod-T surfaced, with the promise of an easier to use 3D printer, I ordered one right away.  And I have no been disappointed. Granted, like all 3D printers, you have to adjust your expectations with the current state of the technology. 3D printing is slow. And the detail isn’t quite there you yet. And there is a lot of trial and error to get a print just right. But putting all of that aside, it is still a giant ball of futuristic fun.    After I bought my Mod-T, I bought an HTC vive. And my Mod-T came in handy when I wanted a mount for the Vive’s link box. I found a model on Thingiverse, printed it out and I was all set. So when I then went out and bought a PSVR, there was so mount available yet for it’s processing unit. So I setup an account on TinkerCAD, created my very first custom 3D design, and printed it on mystery Mod-T. And it worked perfectly! Success! Being a geek is great fun.

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